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Note Gun Toting Couple Posted On Their Front Door For Thieves Is Most Texas Thing Ever

A pistol-packing Texas couple have come up with what they believe is a solution to prevent holiday packages from getting stolen from front porches in their neighborhood.

Some use home surveillance cameras to catch thieves in the act, The Blaze notes.

But after two packages were reported stolen from front porches in their Fort Worth neighborhood over the last month, Kell Curtis and his wife, Julie, posted this sign on their front door:


To keep the holiday spirit alive, the Curtises decided to hang a beautifully crafted wreath with their warning:

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“It is a Texas thing, yes,” Kell told NBC DFW. “I do own guns, and yes, I do have cameras. They’re rolling. So it’s just neighbors, family, you’re all welcome. Potential package stealers, you’re not.”

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He says the sign is not an empty threat, and he is prepared to shoot burglars if need be.

“In Texas it’s legal to do so, so if I felt threatened, yes,” Kell said.

The couple really want to make sure their point comes across clearly, so they put up another sign on the side of their property that reads: “No Trespassing. Violators Will Be Shot. Survivors Will Be Shot Again.”

Julie told the TV station that the signs are “a little forward, but you know what? If it protects us and keeps our property safe, I’m fine with them.”

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Fort Worth police suggest having someone wait at home until the package arrives or pick it up yourself to avoid being a victim of theft.

Sources: The BlazeNBC DFW / Image Credit: KXAS-TV


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