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Note On Corpse: ‘I Killed My Wife, She Was Casting Spells On Me’

A woman’s badly decomposed body was found in her Brooklyn home on Monday night with a note reading: “I killed my wife, she was casting spells on me.” Her emotionally disturbed husband had not been seen for weeks.

The victim has been identified as Chava Friedfertig, 55. She was discovered by her landlord after he was alerted about foul odors emanating from her apartment in the primarily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Midwood.

Although some sources indicated that the woman had been stabbed repeatedly, others reported that the body had decomposed so much it was not clear if she had been stabbed at all.

“There was blood everywhere,” one neighbor said.

Neighbors said her husband, Yakob, is a painter and that they would sometimes hear the couple fighting.  

 “He was definitely very odd,” said one neighbor. “He’d get angry. You’d hear screaming in the middle of the night.”

The New York Post reported that he had been located at a psychiatric facility and that police had taken Yakob into custody.

Sources: The New York Post, The New York Daily News


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