McChicken Assault Gets Man Arrested


McChickens have been assaulting peoples’ intestinal tracts for years, but it turns out they can be used to carry out real assaults, too.

Iowa man Marvis Tremaine Hill II, 21, is behind bars today after he allegedly assaulted his wife with a McChicken sandwich. Hill told Des Moines police officers that he threw the sandwich at his wife because he doesn’t like the way they taste. After throwing the sandwich, he picked it up off of the floor and smashed it in her face.

Hill’s wife still had mayonnaise on her face and shirt when the police arrived. Her nose was reportedly swollen from the assault.

Hill was arrested and charged with simple domestic assault for the outburst. Des Moines police officers revoked his weapons permit as well. If you can’t handle the great responsibility that comes with owning a McChicken, it's safe to say you shouldn’t own a gun.

Source: WHO-TV / Photo Credit: WHO-TV


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