Miami: 5 Decapitated Cats Found In 10 Days

Residents of a Florida neighborhood are on the lookout for a serial cat killer, as they believe a series of decapitated cat sightings may be connected.

Several cats in a Miami neighborhood have been killed within a couple of weeks, according to WSVN News.

"We see this type of stuff far too often, but it never gets easy," Gina Vlasek of Sage Animal Rescue said. "Unfortunately, this is the society that we live in."

"They decapitated five cats in the last 10 days," Lourdes Valdes of Animal Advocates said.

Although the area’s local feral cats have been greatly cared for by residents of the community, some people reportedly do not want the cats in their neighborhood.

According to Valdes, a note that read, "No feed cats here. Kill all cats," was spotted near the region where she leaves food for the stray animals.

When Miami-Dade Animal Services recently visited the location, they only spotted an indication of a cat having been run over by a car. Afterwards, local advocates sent photos of the note and decapitated animals to the organization.

"It was devastating," Valdes said. "These are cats that I've seen -- they were little. I've had them neutered and spayed."

As there is no evidence of the crime in action, many believe authorities are hesitant to step in.

"We don't have the action on film or in a photo, which is what really would enforce the county and state law," Ly Bibiana Salmon said.

"This is a criminal offense,” Vlasek said. “This is a dangerous person, a danger to society.”

Miami-Dade Animal Services is reportedly investigating the cat killings.

In south London, similar crimes have been executed by the Croydon Cat Killer, Metro UK reported. The suspect is believed to have killed approximately 50 cats, in addition to various other animals, and is possibly keeping the animals’ heads and tails as trophies.

"Because these killings involve weapons it seems like the type of person who plans and gets pleasure from thinking about the pain they are going to inflict," Dr. Naomi Murphy, who works in the dangerous and severe personality disorders until at HM Prison Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire, England, told BBC.

Investigators have noted the increasingly precise ways in which the suspect has performed his killings.

"What happens when people are sadistic, like any kind of addiction, they often have to go further and further to satisfy their addiction," Murphy said.

Sources: WSVN News, Metro UK, BBC / Photo Credit: WSVN News, Hisashi/Wikimedia Commons

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