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Pennsylvania Mother 'Severely' Beat 11-Month-Old Baby, Faked Having Cancer

A Pennsylvania mother who lied about having cancer has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for “severely” beating her 11-month-old baby.

Ashley Reichart, 27, reportedly faked having cancer to get sympathy and, during a “week of hell,” severely beat her daughter, according to the Bucks County District Attorney’s office. 

The mother admitted to authorities that during a week in 2014, she slammed her 11-month-old daughter on the floor six times and “forcefully” tipped her stroller forward so that the baby fell face-down onto cement, said the Levittown Patch.

According to police, the baby had burns on her legs, which were never explained.

The baby suffered multiple skull fractures, a fractured leg, a fractured jaw, a perforated eardrum, second-degree burns, bruising to her face and back, and a scratched cornea, Bucks County District Attorney Jennifer Schorn told the judge, adding that the baby “... could have died.”

On October 6, Reichard pleaded guilty but mentally ill to a felony count of aggravated assault.

“What you did to this child is, quite frankly, unspeakable,” Judge Wallace H. Bateman told Reichard in court.

The baby, now two and a half, is currently living with her father and has since recovered from her injuries, the District Attorney’s office confirmed.

Reichard has been ordered to serve up to 12 years in state prison for the assault of her child.

Sources: Levittown Patch6ABC / Photo Credit: Levittown Patch

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