Use Hemp to Clean Up Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico


By "Radical" Russ Belville If this were all hempseed oil, the environmental impact would be negligible

Excellent back and forth from NORMLizers in our local affiliates – Indiana NORML with the idea and Salt Lake City NORML in the response:

Since Hemp fiber is more absorbent than any other natural fiber, why not use it in the containment booms they’re laying in the Gulf of Mexico to clean up the petrochemical industry’s latest achievement? There are news reports about using human hair to help absorb the oil.

Who could we suggest this to?


Hemp was actually used in Chernobyl to help clean up the radiation contamination after their nuclear accident, precisely because it was a cheap available resource and because of its superiority to other fibers in absorbency….But then again… we wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to the kids, eh?

Sadly, where would we get that hemp from but Canada that would keep the costs cheap?


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