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Norwegian Mass Murderer Threatens Hunger Strike If Not Provided With Better Video Games in Prison

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has sent a list of demands to prison authorities and threatens that if they are not fulfilled, he will go on a hunger strike in protest.

Breivik has been held apart from other prisoners in a high-security unit in two prisons since 2011: in Ila, near Olso, and in Skien, in southeast Norway.

He is serving out a 21-year sentence for executing a bomb attack outside of a government building in Oslo on July 22, 2011, in which eight people were killed, and for later opening fire on a Labour Party youth camp on the island of Utoeya, where he killed 69 more people. Most of the victims of the shooting were teenagers.

Now, in his typed list of 12 demands, Breivik has requested that his PlayStation 2 be upgraded to a PlayStation 3, “with access to more adult games that I get to choose myself.”

Furthermore, he has requested access to a PC rather than a “worthless typewriter with technology dating back to 1873.”

The extremist argues that he has the right to a wider “selection of activities” than other inmates because of the isolation that has been forced upon him in prison.

Also on his list were requests that daily physical searches of his person be stopped and that his weekly allowance of 300 kroner ($49) be doubled, in part to cover the costs of written correspondences with the outside world.

Breivik has also demanded better conditions for his daily walk as well as the ability to communicate more freely with the outside world, which, he argues, is in line with European rights legislation.

Currently, his mail is monitored and censored by prison authorities. Breivik has complained that this procedure impedes upon and slows down his contact with the outside world.

In a letter dated Jan. 29, Breivik stated that there has been no real improvement upon his living conditions. “One of the only” options remaining to him, Breivik stated, is to go on a hunger strike.

He has stipulated that the hunger strike will not end until Minster of Justice Anders Anundsen and the head of the Norwegian Correctional Services “stop treating me worse than an animal.”

Breivik has also made it known that he will “soon” publicly announce the starting date of his hunger strike.

“You’ve put me in hell,” Breivik wrote in November. “You are killing me.”

In the letter, in which he calls himself a “political prisoner,” he warns that if he dies, “all of Europe’s right-wing extremists will know exactly who it was that tortured me to death.” He continues on to threaten “consequences for certain individuals in the short term but also when Norway is once again ruled by a fascist regime in 13 to 40 years from now.”

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