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Northern States' Gun Owners are "Panic-Buying" Assault Rifles

Gun dealers in northern states are reporting a huge increase in assault weapon gun sales, reports the Associated Press.

Pat Kukull (pictured), owner of Superior Shooters Supply in Duluth, Minnesota, told the Associated Press that she ran out of semi-automatic rifles due to people “panic buying.”

Gun owners are scared the federal government could make new gun laws to limit or ban the sales of semi-automatic rifles, which can fire hundreds of bullets in seconds and are not used for hunting.

Glen’s Army Navy Store in Grand Rapids, Michigan ran out of the semi-automatic rifles on Thursday morning.

Scott Van Valkenburg, owner of Fisherman’s Corner in Pike Lake, outside Duluth, Minnesota  told the Associated Press that semi-automatic rifles are usually about 5 percent of his thriving gun business, but last week these rifles accounted for nearly half of his gun sales.


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