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Northern Ireland Road Safety Ad Banned From Being Shown On TV Until After 9 P.M. (Graphic Video)

A disturbing road safety advertisement launched in Northern Ireland depicting schoolchildren getting killed by a speeding car has been banned from being shown on television before 9 p.m.

Accompanied by an acoustic version of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” the ad sees a man traveling at high speed along a road before he loses control, sending the car flying through the air and right onto a group of young children enjoying a picnic at a park.

The campaign serves as “a wake-up call” to the fact that 28 children have died in Northern Ireland as a result of speeding since 2000, the New York Daily News noted.

The ad ends with a voiceover, saying: “Since 2000, speeding has killed a classroom of our children. Shame on you. You can never control the consequences if you speed.”

The minute-long video has received much criticism for its excessive horror.

But Northern Ireland’s Department of Environment, who produced the video, have claimed it is “sensitive.”

"The aim of this campaign is to challenge and dispel, once and for all, through this emotional and uncomfortable message, the false perceptions that many road users have as to the truly horrifying consequences of speeding,” road safety minister Mark Durkan said in a statement, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin, of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, added: "This advertisement depicts very clearly and very starkly the risks involved when speed is a factor.

"Most of you will find it shocking but the reality is drivers need to be fully aware of the potential consequences of their actions."

Watch the horrific TV spot below (Warning: Contains content that some may find troubling):


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