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North Las Vegas Couple Faces Child Abuse Charges After Dead 3-Year-Old Found In Backseat Of Broken Down Car

Jondrew Lachaux and Kellie Phillips turned themselves in to North Las Vegas police after a badly decomposed child was found in the backseat of a car in their garage. North Las Vegas police said that they face child abuse charges with substantial bodily harm or death and that Lachaux also faces destruction of evidence charges.

According to KLAS-TV Las Vegas, Lachaux and Phillips took five of their children on a trip to Oakland, California, about eight months ago. They left a teenager, who is Phillips’ biological daughter, and a sick 3-year-old at home because there was no room in the car.

The teenager told police that Lachaux raped and impregnated her before they left for California. The teen then gave birth at home without medical care while Lachaux and Phillips were still in California. The teenager told police that her mother was not aware that she was pregnant or had been raped.

According to Yahoo News, the teenager was too scared to call police for help. She also attempted to contact Lachaux multiple times, but he refused to answer her.

The arrest report states that the teenager’s 3-year-old stepsister started having health issues and had severe trouble breathing. After the child died, the teenager texted Lachaux and told him that the baby’s body was starting to smell. He told her to put the baby in a plastic bag to prevent the smell from spreading.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said: “The parents were ignoring her phone calls. The baby eventually died. And then this male adult instructs her on how to dispose of the body.”

The teenager told police that Lachaux returned to the North Las Vegas home on March 28. He put the dead 3-year-old in a box in the backseat of a broken down car in the garage. He then covered the box with pizza boxes and blankets. Police said that the body was badly decomposed and leaking fluids.

He also told his teenage stepdaughter that she had to leave the house with the baby before her mother returned home. She slept on the street for a few nights and ended up at McCarran International Airport, where security called police because of her 4-month-old child’s worsening condition.

The baby was unresponsive when taken to the hospital, but is now recovering. The teenage mother is in juvenile detention and may face charges of child abuse. However, it was unclear whether she would be charged. “She's a juvenile, she's 17 years old. Does she need services? Does she need treatment by the juvenile system? Or should she be punished for her actions?”

The couple’s five other children were with Phillips at the time of her arrest and are in good health. They are being held in protective custody.

Sources: Yahoo News, 8 News Now / Photo Source: KTLA


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