North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Has Uncle Eaten Alive by 120 Starving Dogs


Disturbing reports today claim that North Korea’s current dictator Kim Jong-un may have had his uncle eaten alive by a pack of 120 ravenous dogs.

Early last month, news broke that Kim’s uncle and second in command, Jan Song Thaek, was executed at the hands of the dictator for apparently attempting to “overthrow the state.” When the reports initially surfaced, the method that Kim used to execute Jan was unknown, but now, a Hong Kong-based newspaper is reporting that Jan, along with five of his top aides, were eaten alive by 120 dogs.

Reports claim that Jan was thrown into a cage with the five aids after being stripped naked, and 120 dogs, all of whom were starved for three days, were released into the cage. The well-planned murder, known as “quan jue”, or execution by dogs, reportedly lasted for an hour while Kim supervised.

This is not Kim’s first widely reported execution. Just this past summer, Kim purportedly had his ex-girlfriend killed by firing squad.

It’s difficult to say if the reports about the heinous execution of Kim’s uncle are actually true, but it wouldn’t at all be out of character for the young dictator.


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