North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Had His Uncle Eaten Alive by a Pack of Dogs?


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, stripped naked, thrown into a cage with five close associates, and eaten alive by a pack of 120 ravenous hounds, according to a Chinese newspaper.

The dogs had reportedly been starved for three days, and, after the naked men were brought in, they were set loose and attacked the six of them for an hour until they had been completely eaten. The event was said to be supervised by Kim and 300 leading officials. Most executions in North Korea are done by a firing squad.

North Korean state media said last month that Kim Jong Un's uncle, who was seen as Kim's second in command, has been executed, calling the leader's former mentor "worse than a dog."

The story of the execution, called "quan jue" or execution by dogs, came just days after Pyongyang announced that the uncle, Jang Song Thaek, had been removed from all his posts because of allegations of corruption, drug use, gambling, womanizing and generally leading a "dissolute and depraved life."

According to a Newmax report, Jang Song Thaek, was executed after being found guilty of attempting to overthrow the government. The treason charges against Jang included accusations that he was selling coal and natural resources like gold to China at a cheap price.

Jang had close ties to China and visited Beijing in 2012 on behalf of Kim. He was also head of the North Korean side of a joint project managing a special economic zone with Beijing.

In listing reasons why Jang was dismissed, KNCA said was that, "Jang pretended to uphold the party and leader but was engrossed in such factional acts as dreaming different dreams and involving himself in double-dealing behind the scenes.”

The Singapore-based Straits Times stated that the fact that Beijing approved the report of the horrifying execution reveals that relations between China and North Korea have now reached an all-time low.

An editorial stating that the majority of Chinese loathed Kim and declaring that Beijing should no longer coddle Kim's backward political system appeared in the Global Times, which is associated with the People's Daily, a Chinese Communist Party newspaper, Newsmax reports.

Although the story of the “execution by dogs,” may serve the intended purpose of further inciting negative emotions against Kim Jong Un, The Washington Post reported on Friday that the story may not be true, claiming Wen Wei Po, although linked to the communist party, is more like Hong Kong's version of the National Enquirer.

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