Report: North Korea Experiencing Severe Internet Problems


North Korea is currently experiencing a country-wide internet outage.

According to USA Today, researchers believe that North Korea’s internet connections may have come under a cyber attack early Monday that left the nation’s online access completely crippled.

Late last week, the White House and FBI suggested that North Korean hackers were behind a recent attack on Sony’s sensitive data. The attack resulted in countless embarrassing e-mail exchanges being exposed and the shelving of The Interview, a movie that openly mocked North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

When President Obama was asked if revenge for North Korea’s likely attack was an option, he did not dismiss the idea. In fact, he suggested that the United States would "respond proportionately."

When reached about what was happening to North Korea’s internet access today, U.S. security officials declined to comment.

"We have no new information to share regarding North Korea today," Bernadette Meehan, White House National Security Council spokesperson, told Fox News. "If in fact North Korea’s Internet has gone down, we’d refer you to that government for comment."

We will continue to update this story as more information comes in. 

Sources: USA Today, Huffington Post, Fox News / Photo Credit: Telegraph


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