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North Dakota Woman Arrested For Locking Her Girlfriend's Kids In Dog Cages As Punishment

A Grafton, North Dakota, woman has reportedly been arrested and charged with four counts of child abuse and felonious restraint. Police reportedly discovered she had been locking four children in dog cages in a dark basement as a punishment and had forced one of them to eat dog food. 

Jordan McKay Nelson, 23, forced the children of her girlfriend, who is the biological mother of the children, ages 5, 6, 8, and 9, to sit in a kennel in the dark basement when she felt they misbehaved, according to police reports. Authorities also say the children told them she had even made the oldest child eat dog food until he vomited, reports the New York Daily News.

As he was being interviewed by police, the 9-year-old boy reportedly sketched a picture of himself in a cage with the words "Help me" written on the paper. 

Nelson has been released on bond and was ordered not to go near the children. Her preliminary hearing is set for April 13, reports ABC News.

Sources: New York Daily News, ABC News

Photo Credit: Alden Chadwick/Flickr, Grand Forks County Corrections


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