North Dakota Neo-Nazi Craig Cobb Arrested For Intimidating Neighbors With Guns


The neo-Nazi who wanted to transform his North Dakota town into a white supremacist haven was arrested on Saturday for intimidating his neighbors with guns.

Craig Cobb, 62, and fellow neo-Nazi Kynan Dutton, 29, are expected to be charged with three separate counts of terrorizing.

The incident follows three months of tension in the city of Leith, population 24.

Cobb made headlines in September when the media learned that the 62-year-old, who owns the majority of property in the town, intended to turn it into a white-only city. He even invited the nation’s largest neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement, to a town hall meeting in Leith in September.

His dream was squashed due to numerous sewage and water violations issued by the Custer County District Health Unit. He still displays swastika flags and signs with racial slurs on his property.

On Saturday, neighbors called 911 alleging that Cobb and Dutton were trying to intimidate them with guns.

Leith City Councilman Lee Cook and resident Greg Bruce said the men carried a rifle and shotgun and stood at the edge of Cook’s property. Dutton allegedly had his finger on the trigger of his rifle. Cook said the gun was never aimed at him.

Both Bruce and Cook have been updating the website with news about the neo-Nazi activity in the town.

A female resident, Miller Ferrie, alleged that the gun-toting supremacists followed her to her house on Saturday. She told Cook she was hysterical when she dialed 911 because her husband had gone outside to confront the men.

Cobb says he has decided to do armed patrols of Leith.

“Because of the many violences (sic) and harassments against we (sic) and the children, we have commenced armed patrols of Leith,” Cobb told the Bismark Tribune in a text message.

In a follow up, he said he intended to name some of his property “Adolph Hitler Pvt. Park of Leith.”

Dutton and Cobb are currently in custody at the Mercer County jail in Stanton, N. D.

Dutton was already on bond on charges of drunken disorderly conduct in Leith.

Cobb appeared on the NBC Universal show “Trisha Goddard” last week and submitted to a DNA test as part of Goddard’s “Race in America” series.

The results showed Cobb is 14 percent Sub-Saharan African, a finding he dismissed as “statistical noise.”

Sources: Bismark Tribune, The Independent


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