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North Dakota High School Students Don KKK Masks During Hockey Game

Three high school students are facing disciplinary action this week after participating in a prank that went too far.

A photo posted to Twitter on Saturday shows three Red River High School students donning Ku Klux Klan masks during a state hockey semifinal game. The students only wore the masks for less than a minute, but have incited a state- and nation-wide uproar because of the offensive action.

The photo was posted to Twitter by 19-year-old Shane Schuster, who was sitting across the rink in plain view of the Red River High School Student section.

"I thought, 'Are those KKK hoods?' I couldn't believe it," Schuster told the Associated Press. "I was shocked."

Schuster then took out his phone, took a photo, and posted it on Twitter. The photo was retweeted over 75 times by Saturday night.

Red River’s principal, Kristopher Arason, said that the students put on the masks right after the school’s first goal, for about 30 seconds. The students were all wearing white as part of a “whiteout” school tradition. Students are encouraged to wear certain colors on each night of the state tournament, coordinating with the team’s jersey colors for the specific games.

Arason said that the students removed the masks after other students chastised them for being too offensive.

"We, as a school, are extremely disappointed with the behavior of these three students," Arason said in a statement sent to the Associated Press on Saturday. "This behavior is not a representation of our school or student body."

Arason also assures that “appropriate action” is being taken to reprimand the students, and that the parents have also been notified. 

(Clarion Ledger)


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