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North Dakota Crew Hauls 200-Ton Home More Than Ten Miles

One North Dakota man purchased a home worth $1 million for only $70,000, but has faced a number of obstacles in his attempt to transport the building across the state.

Scott Adelman paid just one tenth of the home’s actual value, but now must move the property from Fargo to Horace.

“This has been probably the hardest as far as permitting, because we’re going across the interstate bridge,” Adelman told Valley News Live. “The Department of Transportation has to be involved, the city of Fargo, Stanley Township, Horace. So as far as that goes, the permitting process has been the biggest part.”

Authorities helped Adelman by clearing the way for his crew as they moved the 200-ton home at least ten miles.

“We had some traffic signals that we couldn’t take down due to the wiring on them,” Fargo Police officer Dan Hansen said.

Adelman noted that it will take the concrete one week to cure and then the foundation will be set. The plumbing, electrical, foundation and brickwork is expected to be completed over the course of 5 weeks by 15 workers.

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Sources: Kelo Land, Valley News Live / Photo Credit: Valley News Live


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