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'I'm Just Trying To Catch Him': N.C. Woman Unexpectedly Delivers Baby Boy At Home

High Point, North Carolina, woman Keyonna Peace unexpectedly gave birth to her son at home on Oct. 28.

“About 1:20 in the morning I heard [Keyonna] scream in the bathroom. I go rushing in and she’s standing at the sink holding onto the sink – and the baby’s right there,” Monica Peace, Keyonna’s mother, told Fox 8. “I’m just trying to catch him and make sure he doesn’t hit the floor.”

On Oct. 26, Keyonna began having complications that seemed like contractions, according to Monica. Despite going to the hospital and taking tests, doctors assured Keyonna that she was fine. However, the contractions and back pain didn’t go away.

The baby was then born at home three months early.

“I was in shock because her baby’s not due until January. And so I was thinking from what they told us Monday that there’s no way she’s in labor,” Monica said. “Then to walk in the bathroom and see that head? It was just unbelievable.”

Keyonna is reportedly doing well, although her son weights only 2 pounds and 8 ounces. He is currently at Brenner Children’s Hospital and will reside there until he gets stronger.

Peace noted that expecting mothers should trust their instincts. If something isn’t right, mothers should get a second opinion. 

Sources: Fox News, One News Page

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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