'It's Beyond Words': Woman Finds Her Cat, Newborn Kittens Drowned, Stabbed


North Carolina law enforcement officials were called to a home in Gastonia after a woman reported that her cat and kittens were dead outside of her mother’s house on July 16.

According to WSOC-TV, Gracie, the mother cat, gave birth to four kittens on Wednesday. Donna Earle, along with her mother, set a large box on the front porch to give Gracie and her kittens shelter.  

When she returned to the home on Thursday, Earle said she discovered someone had come along and killed the kittens. The perpetrator appeared to have stomped the box and left the bodies of the four kittens lined up in a half-moon shape on the property.

Gracie was discovered dead near Earle’s mailbox.

“The kittens were wet and had stab wounds,” Earle told WSOC-TV. “I started yelling out for Gracie and that’s when I saw her down the hill by the mailbox.”

An animal control officer on the scene informed Earle that the animals had been stabbed and drowned.

“How could someone be so sick to do that to a mother cat and her newborn kittens?” asked Earle. “I don’t understand how anyone could do that to such innocent animals. It’s beyond words.”

Officials informed reporters someone is responsible for the incident. If caught, the perpetrator faces multiple counts of animal cruelty charges, some of which are felonies in North Carolina.

Anyone with relevant information to the case should call the Gaston County Police Department at 704-866-3320.

Upon hearing the story, Facebook users took to the comment section to voice their opinions and concerns with the case.

“This sick person is starting with animals and will end up doing this to humans,” wrote one user.

“(Future) serial killers usually start off killing animals like cats & dogs then have an urge to kill humans to satisfy their sickness & obsession for murder,” wrote another user.

Source: WSOC, WSOC on Facebook

Photo Credit: WSOC, WikiCommons


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