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North Carolina Woman Danielle Hayes Will Not Face Charges After Shooting Herself In Staples

The North Carolina woman who accidentally discharged her gun and shot herself Thursday inside a Staples will not face charges, according to Wake County prosecutors.

The woman was identified later as 29-year-old mother Danielle Hayes.

Earlier in the day, police were considering charging Hayes with misdemeanor child abuse and failure to secure a firearm from a minor, considering her 2-year-old son was accompanying her in the store.

According to police, Hayes’ son reached for her purse and she pulled it away from him, triggering the gun.

Kelli Hamilton, a Staples customer and gun owner who received her license in July, said gun owners are meant to have training before handling a gun.

“If you pay attention in that class,” Hamilton said, “things like this shouldn't be happening."

Kevin Smith of Kevin Smith's Firearms Training noted that guns should also be stowed above the waist and treated it as if it is loaded at all times.

"We never recommend that you keep a gun in your pocketbook," Smith said. "Action versus reaction tells us that you're not going to have time to retrieve that from some remote place.”

Hayes’ son emerged from the store uninjured, as did the store’s remaining occupants.

The shooting was reported at 7p.m. and Hayes was taken immediately to WakeMed in Raleigh for treatment.

Sources: WRAL, WNCN


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