N.C. Woman Charged With Malicious Castration After Argument


A North Carolina woman faces charges after police say that she bit a man's genitals during an argument.

The Onslow County Sheriff's office charged 51-year-old Martinne Patricia Delavega Thursday with malicious castration and assault causing serious bodily harm, JD News reported.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said that Delavega, of Jacksonville, North Carolina, bit and tore open a man's testicles and maliciously maimed and disfigured them, causing permanent damage, according to warrants.

Miller said that, in this case, the victim's identity will not be released due to the nature of the crime and in the interest of protecting his privacy as he recovers.

The victim was Delavega's boyfriend, and the severe injuries she left him with required that he get stitches after the altercation, according to WECT.

The two were allegedly fighting that day, and Delavega bit the man's genitals in the middle of a domestic dispute.

Delavega first appeared in court on Friday. She told the court that she will hire her own lawyer.

Zach Walter, a friend of Delavega's son since he moved to Jacksonville in 2002, said that he could not believe it when he stumbled upon her mugshot on Facebook, according to ABC 12.

"I've known her half of my life," Walter told ABC 12. "She's a great person and mother and this is totally out of character. There has to be something else going on."

" ... This is a complete shock."

In her mugshot, Delavega has her head wrapped in a bandage, apparently as a result of a head injury. Her boyfriend allegedly tried to stop her while she was biting him, and she sustained injuries when he fought her off, although the severity of her head wounds are not known.

The suspect's bond was set at $10,000 and paid by Friday evening, when officials released her from custody.

She refused to speak to reporters when questioned about the incident.

Delavega is expected back in court in October.

Sources: JD News, WECT, ABC 12
Photo Credit: Onslow County Sheriff's Office via WECT


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