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N.C. Day Care Investigated After Toddler Was Left In Van For Hours

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An investigation is underway at a North Carolina day care after one worker reportedly left a toddler in a hot van for several hours. 

According to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, mother Kimberly Cates, the Operation New Life Child Development Center administrators showed up at her front door with her child and informed her that the toddler had been left on the bus most of the day, My Fox 8 reports. Cates’ child had been left in the van from 8:45 a.m. to about 3 p.m. in a van roughly 100 degrees.  

Administrators reportedly begged her not to turn the situation over to police, though Cates eventually filed a police report against the facility. She noted that she wasn’t told about the incident until 5 p.m., despite the fact that her daughter was discovered in the van two hours prior.

“It breaks my heart because I didn’t know and I couldn’t do anything,” Cates told WNCN. “My baby was suffering and I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t know.”

The young girl was dehydrated but in good condition.

“The individual responsible for this incident failed to perform her duties and avoided several safety checks built into company policies to ensure the safety of the children,” the day care noted in a statement.

An investigation into the daycare is ongoing.

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Sources: Fox News, WNCN

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