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North Carolina Teacher Allegedly Hit Student Repeatedly With Yard Stick

A North Carolina teacher is under suspension and facing charges for allegedly hitting a student with a yard stick last month.

Daniel Fortune, a U.S. History and Civics teacher at Avery County High School, allegedly hit a student with a yard stick on the student's arm and back, reports WBTV. Investigators believe that Fortune hit the student, a junior, two or three times.

The student's parents issued the complaints against Fortune. Authorities performed an investigation, and a magistrate subsequently issued a criminal summons against Fortune for simple assault.

The incident happened on Aug. 31, said David Burleson, superintendent for Avery County Schools.

That night, school staff reportedly told Fortune not to come back to work. They officially suspended him from school the following day.

Burleson said that the school district will not take any further action until the case is resolved in the legal system.

School officials said that this was an isolated incident between one student and one teacher, and there is no safety concern at the school outside of it. It is not known why the teacher allegedly hit the student in the first place.

Fortune will appear in court on Oct. 27.

There have been several recent instances of violence between teachers and students, including one earlier this month in which a high school freshman at Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California, was caught on tape repeatedly punching a substitute teacher who took her phone away, reports Global News.

“The suspect student plugged in her cell phone to charge it," Fresno Police Department's Lt. Joe Gomez said. "He ended up taking it. The teacher took it away, up to the front of the class. In the video you can see her going up there [and] immediately attacks him.”

Another student captured the assault on a cell phone and posted it to social media.

"She hits him really hard," Gomez said. "It's the type of punch that can knock someone out."

Authorities charged the student with a felony count of assault and two misdemeanors.

Sources: WBTVGlobal News
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, WBTV


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