North Carolina Police Officer Stafford Brister Cleared of Wrongdoing After Shoving Police Dog Through Window Of Suspect’s Car Following Chase (Video)


At the end of a police chase in North Carolina, an officer pushed a police dog through a speeding driver’s window and the dog reportedly attacked the driver. The incident was captured on video.

WECT reports that the video shows Wilmington Police Department K-9 officer Stafford Brister lifting his police dog and forcing it through the driver's side window right into the driver's lap. Brister was one of the law enforcement officers who responded to a chase in Wilmington.

The incident took place on Halloween when authorities say Johnnie Williams drove through a DWI checkpoint, leading several law enforcement agencies on a chase and, at one point, a patrol car even turns the wrong way down a one-way street trying to catch Williams. Officers reach him outside a cemetery, but video shows Williams ramming into a patrol car before taking off again.

Video also shows Williams going up and down Wilmington streets, even running stop signs. Officers eventually forced him to crash.

Brister then shoved his dog through the side window and it attacked Williams, leading to lacerations on his face, according to Mail Online, which also noted that fellow officers are seen smashing the driver's window and removing Williams, who had raised his hands, from the vehicle.

Brister, who has been put on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation, was cleared of any wrongdoing by a New Hanover grand jury.

District Attorney Ben David said he wanted to put the case in front of a jury to decide if Brister should be charged with assault inflicting serious injury.

“I believed it was a close enough legal question that the community should decide whether the use of force was reasonable and I would not rule as a matter of law that it was,” David stated.

Williams reportedly said he wasn't given a proper chance to surrender as the attack happened so quickly. He has been indicted on charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, being a habitual felon and traffic violations.

Sources: Mail Online, WECT


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