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North Carolina Officer Goes Above And Beyond To Help Suicidal Teen

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A North Carolina police officer went above and beyond to save a suicidal autistic girl, and he garnered praise when the story went viral. 

A Charlotte mother reportedly found a suicidal note written by her teen daughter, who is autistic and has a history of sexual abuse, shortly after the she disappeared, Mad World News reported. Terrified, the mother frantically notified police. Authorities told her that a search would follow, and officer Kenneth Perry quickly took it upon himself to lead the efforts. 

In an impressively short amount of time, Perry found the woman’s daughter.

“Thankfully he found her, and then took the time to convince her to allow him to take her to the ER,” the mother wrote in a letter to the Charlotte Police Department, which was posted on the department's Facebook page. “He notified me to ease my panic. I arrived to the ER to find him sitting with her and she was smiling!”

The story didn’t end there, however. The mother’s letter went on to reveal that Perry visited the home after the incident to follow up and check on the teen. 

“He wanted to know if she had pulled through her desperate patch. My husband said he was relieved to know she had gotten the help she needed, was no longer wanting to hurt herself, and had even gotten a job that she enjoyed and builds her confidence,” she wrote.

“This tells me we were not just another 'dysfunctional household' but rather a family that matters, and he was invested in what happened to that special needs girl," she added. "I have always been on the right side of the law, never arrested, the same for every member of my family.”

The mother went on to praise Perry and her local police department, noting that the department “dropped everything to save the life of one very precious African American/ Zuni Indian teen with special needs,” in a time full of “ridiculous accusations of police hostility toward people of color.”

“I think the fact that the outcome for that teen weighed on this young man enough for him to take time to follow up shows that he is in human services for all the right reasons,” she said.

The post of the full letter can be found on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Facebook page. As of this writing, the post has received 493 "likes" and has been shared 79 times.

Sources: Mad World News, Facebook

Photo credit: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department/Facebook, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


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