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Facebook Video Reportedly Shows N.C. Mother Abusing Baby (Video)

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North Carolina mother Kristina Marie Ford, 19, was charged with child abuse after reportedly striking her infant child outside of a gas station.

In a video posted to Facebook (shown below), Ford can be seen at a Kangaroo gas station in Sanford, North Carolina. Ford’s child crawls down the sidewalk for about 30 seconds before Ford walks up, spanks her several times, and places her in front of the gas station door.

Originally, police were called to the scene by a witness who saw the infant without her mother.

“A caller called us and said there was a baby crawling up and down the sidewalk in front of the Pantry (the company that operates Kangaroo’s convenience stores) without the mother present,” Capt. Harold Layton of the Sanford Police Department said. “When officers got there, they spoke to the witness, and the child and mother were already in the car seat ready to leave.”

It wasn’t until police watched footage from the gas station that Ford was charged. She faces a charge of misdemeanor child abuse and is expected in court at the end of the month.

“The citation was actually issued later,” Layton noted. “We were not aware of the video until later that night … and at that time, we were able to issue a citation.”

Layton has since encouraged citizens to call police in any situation where a crime is witnessed. He noted that the video was a great help in the investigation.

According to Brenda Potts, the director of Lee County Department of Social Services, the majority of reports in the area involve neglect.

Sources: Fox News, News and Record

Photo Credit: Fox News


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