North Carolina Mother Arrested For Running Prostitution Business In Her Home


A woman in Waynesville, North Carolina, was arrested for felony solicitation of prostitution and for maintaining a dwelling for prostitution inside her own home.

The Mountaineer and KTRK-TV report that Barbara Dionne Gray, 42, was arrested in an undercover operation that took place on Dec. 29.

The investigation was initiated after the Waynesville Police Department received information that Gray's home was hosting a prostitution business, and The Mountaineer reports that further investigation into the matter uncovered online social networks frequently used by people soliciting prostitution or escort services.

The investigation has continued after Gray's arrest. She was held on a $5,000 bail but bonded out after a few hours of arrest, according to The Mountaineer. She is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 13.

Young children were reportedly living in Gray's home at the time. Neighbors told KTRK-TV they do not want that type of activity within their community.

“And I got a bunch of little grandkids you know, that come over here all the time, visit me. Yeah, it's an awful thing. It's an awful thing,” said neighbor Rachel Coulston.

According to Coulston, Gray had a young boy and a young girl living in the Waynesville home.

"Usually they just laid low. Only thing I ever really heard over there is the little boy playing drums a lot," said Coulston's husband, Roy Shumpert.

According to Coulston, she witnessed people entering and exiting a trailer in Gray's backyard during odd hours.

"Men and women. Sometimes after 11:30-12 o'clock when I get home," she told KTRK-TV.

Sources: The Mountaineer, KTRK-TV / Photo credit: The Mountaineer

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