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Woman Kills Teenage Son In Murder-Suicide Case

Woman Kills Teenage Son In Murder-Suicide Case Promo Image

Police have released a recording of the disturbing 911 phone call made moments after a mother shot her teenage son and then shot herself.

The apparent murder-suicide occurred on Nov. 16 just before midnight, WECT reported. North Carolina mom Jennifer Craig shot her 14-year-old son, Kameron Craig, before turning the gun on herself, according to officials with the Pender County Sheriff's Office.

Jennifer reportedly died at the scene while Kameron was rushed to a nearby hospital. He was later transferred to another area hospital, and died on Nov. 18.

Authorities have since released the 911 phone call made the night of the incident.

"We just got here... there's blood under the door. I kicked the door in and she's laying in front of the door," a 911 caller is heard telling dispatchers.

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The caller then reportedly hands the phone off to a second man, who tells dispatchers he was in the home at the time of the shootings.

"I was laying in the living room on the couch when I heard two loud pops. I called out to who was supposed to be here and they didn't answer," the man is heard explaining. "I couldn't get in the door and as I was looking at the door, there was blood just running out."

According to Teresa Pruitt, Jennifer's sister, the shooting happened in their mother's home. Kameron was living in the residence at the time.

Pruitt said her sister was visiting for a counseling session just before the shooting. A representative with the Department of Social Services was present at the session, according to sheriff's office spokesperson Captain Rowell.

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The representative had reportedly called 911 to request a welfare check on the home because of something that was said during the counseling session. Details as to what was said have not been revealed at this time.

A deputy responded to the call just before 7 p.m.

"The deputy spoke with all parties and it appeared as though everything was okay," Rowell said. "The deputy did everything lawfully possible at the time he spoke with members at the residence."

Jennifer took to Facebook on the day of the incident to share a chilling status about depression and mental illness, the Daily Mail reported.

"The most difficult moment of the year for depression is coming. Depression and anxiety are very personal mental disorders," Jennifer wrote. "Everyone says: 'if you need anything, don't hesitate, I'll be there for you.' I'll make a bet, my friend's on Facebook, at least 5 will take time to put it on their wall to raise awareness of mental health problems. Just copy it from my wall and paste it to your wall. Be there for each other."

Sources: WECT via WIS, Daily Mail / Featured Image: North Charleston/Flickr / Embedded Images: Facebook via Daily Mail

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