North Carolina Mother Allegedly Finds Nazi Swastika Drawn On Bun Of Her McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich

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A North Carolina mother says she was shocked to discover a swastika, a Nazi symbol, drawn in butter on her McDonald’s chicken sandwich.

Customer Charleigh Matice found the anti-Semitic symbol when she went to put mayonnaise on her sandwich, which she ordered at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Morehead City last week.

"Is this a joke? Does somebody really think they're funny?” she told

This symbol was used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Matice said the swastika offended her because her grandfather had fought in World War II.

"Many people died because of that symbol and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. It’s not something that should be thrown around," she said.

Matice went inside and showed the ruined sandwich to the restaurant employees who offered to replace it.

But she had lost her appetite at that point, so she demanded a full refund, instead.

Matice said she was later told that the employee drew the symbol because “he was bored,” ABC News reports.

In a statement obtained by, McDonald’s said they feel bad about the incident and the employee responsible has been fired.

“We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald's, and it's not what we stand for personally as owners. It is about providing the best level of service and care to our customers, and anything less than that is unacceptable to us,” the statement read.

Matice said she did not intend to spark outrage, but to raise awareness. She is no longer upset at the restaurant and plans on eating there again.

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