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North Carolina Mother Accused of Trying to 'Beat the Gay Away' From Her Son

A North Carolina woman is charged with misdemeanor child abuse for telling one of her sons to hit the other and “beat the gay away” from him.

Police were alerted to the incident Saturday after they were called to the house where multiple people were screaming at one another, according to

Mary Gowans and her two sons, ages 15 and 12, had been fighting about the older brother’s reported visits to a gay man, who Gowans said she thinks molested her son.

Gowans allegedly had her older son strip to his underwear and then beat him with a belt. She is also accused of telling her younger son that he could hit his older brother because the 15-year-old teen had hit first him first.

Though police said the boy had a scrape across his back, Gowans said she would not hurt her kids.

She said she had reported that she thought her son was being molested, but police had not responded to her claim.

Gowans expressed disapproval for gay people and said that she does not approve of her son’s sexual orientation.

Prosecutors at the Columbus County District Attorney’s Office will judge the case. Gowans’s court date is set for Oct. 9.



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