North Carolina Mom Goes On Strike From Parenting

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North Carolina mom Naasira Muhammad went on strike from parenting her kids on Tuesday because she claims her children’s behavior is out of control.

Muhammad, a Winston-Salem resident, has marched up and down Waughtown Street near her house for the past two days to make a point about her children. She even made a sign that reads: “Mom On Strike.”

According to Muhammad, conventional discipline methods haven’t worked on her two teenage daughters.

“I’m to the point where I’m just so frustrated,” Muhammad said. “So to keep my hands off my kids or to keep me from doing something crazy, I just decided to go on strike.”

In response, the children’s aunt had Muhammad’s daughters make signs of their own. Both signs thank Muhammad for providing, caring and loving her daughters.

According to Dr. Nannette Funderburk, a psychotherapist at the Social and Emotional Learning Group in Greensboro, parents often need a support system of their own. Funderburk added that parents need someone to bounce ideas off of, since kids don’t come with a manual.

“This mom is definitely sending a message,” Funderburk said.

Muhammad reported that she will continue to picket outside her home until her children learn to respect and appreciate her. 

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Sources: WFMyNews, The Charlotte Sun Times / Photo Credit: The Charlotte Sun Times


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