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'Shocked And Confused' N.C. Mom Finds Marijuana In 5-Year-Old Son's Lunchbox

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A Cumberland County, North Carolina, mother was shocked to discover a bag of marijuana in her kindergartener’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lunchbox.

“I asked if he knew what it was, and he was shocked and confused and he said ‘no.’ I said ‘Did it come home in your lunchbox?’ He said ‘I don’t know how it got there,’” the mother told ABC 11.

The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, added that she’s glad she found the marijuana herself instead of school officials.

“They would not have believed a 5-year-old,” the mom said. “Our kids are living in a different world.”

It’s believed that an older student brought the substance to school, got scared, and placed it in the child’s lunchbox, according to deputies. Apparently, fourth grade students eat alongside kindergartners at Alderman Road Elementary School, which is likely when the transfer occurred.

The mom said that the two grades shouldn’t be placed next to each other, since there are many things the older students know about that the younger ones shouldn’t be exposed to.

Now, the North Carolina mom is warning other parents to be more aware of their children’s activities. She has since instructed her son to make sure everything in his lunch box is his own before zipping it up.

Sources: ABC News, Yahoo News

Photo Credit: ABC News, WikiCommons


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