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'We Are Here! KKK': North Carolina Man's Business Vandalized


A North Carolina man discovered he had his business vandalized on Wednesday morning by vandals claiming to be the Ku Klux Klan, according to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Business owner, Todd Hale, told authorities that he discovered a noose tied to his fence at Clarence Hale Auto Parts outside of Eden, North Carolina, My Fox 8 reported.

The words, “We are here! KKK” was also reportedly painted to the side of an RV on the property.

Deputies discovered more graffiti along the road of a nearby street.

Those with any information possibly regarding the vandalism are requested to call the sheriff’s office at 336-634-3232.

Upon hearing the story, many took to Facebook to voice their opinions and concerns on the matter.

“White supremacists should hang themselves,” wrote one user. “Nothing but scum of the earth.”

"[I] really doubt that the white supremacists did this," a user responded. "I bet the owner or some childish kids did."

“This is probably the work of some kids acting stupid and need thier butts whooped,” the user wrote. “Just for attention, not all white people are this ignorant!”

That user continued, “[Or] the owners doing it for attention, wake up [there] are bad stupid people of all nationalities.”

Source: WDBJ on Facebook, FOX

Photo Credit: WDBJ


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