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North Carolina Man Robbed At Gunpoint While Trying To Help Woman, Suspects Arrested

A man in North Carolina was robbed at gunpoint on the morning of Jan. 3 while attempting to help a woman who was pretending to have car trouble, police said. Two suspects have been arrested and charged in connection with the case.

Todd Motley, the victim, told police that he saw a woman, 19-year-old Blanca Alejandre, appearing to have car trouble in the parking lot of a local restaurant in Salisbury, North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer reports. Motley offered to give Alejandre a ride home, at which point she went to get into Motley's Dodge Ram truck.

After Motley opened his passenger door, however, a hooded man wearing a black ski mask and brandishing a pump shotgun approached the driver's door.

The hooded man told Motley to get out of the driver's seat and to get into the back of the truck. Motley ran from the truck and called 911 when he arrived home. Motley's truck was later found nearby, still running.

Alejandre and the hooded man, later identified as Juan Alonso, reportedly attempted to undertake another robbery shortly after the incident with Motley. 

The two showed up at the residence of a man named Edward Church. According to Church, Alejandre asked him if he could help her. As Church opened the door to his house, Alonso -- with mask and shotgun -- started approaching him. The pair fled, however, when Church began to scream.

Alejandre was later apprehended by law enforcement and initially provided false information about her identity to Rowan County deputies, according to WBTV. Both Motley and Church positively identified Alejandre, who faces a litany of charges. Her bail was set at $125,000.

Alonso was arrested later in the day at around 8 p.m., after a Salisbury resident reported a man that was sleeping under his trailer, the Observer notes. Deputies reportedly found Motley's wallet on Alonso, as well as a knife from Motley's truck.  Alonso's bail has been set at $350,000 and, like Alejandre, he faces charges of robbery, motor vehicle larceny and second-degree kidnapping.

Sources: WBTV, The Charlotte Observer / Photo credit: Rowan County Sheriff's Office

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