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North Carolina Man Jailed After Posting Craigslist Ad Offering Girlfriend's Mom For Sex

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A man from Raleigh, North Carolina, was put behind bars after law enforcement officials say he posted a Craigslist ad looking for people to have “random sex” with his girlfriend’s mother.

Deputies arrested David Carl Pitney Stewart, 25, after his girlfriend’s mother received more than 50 phone calls and text messages from people who saw the advertisement between April 28 and May 1.

Suspecting Stewart, she contacted the Wake County sheriff’s office, which filed a search warrant to investigate the issue.

Stewart was arrested and charged with misdemeanor stalking as well as resisting arrest, reported ABC 7.

He reportedly told his arresting officer he was not worried about being arrested as his parents would bail him out.

The advertisement reportedly said the woman was looking for people to have “random sex” because she was “bored at work.”

According to The News&Observer, Stewart posted two Craigslist advertisements. One listed the woman’s cellphone number along with directions on how to acquire a free washing machine and the other had a “sex special.”

Officials found him after they traced the listings back to his email address.

According to the mother, she had called the police on Stewart before because of his heroin use and because she believes he gave the drug to her daughter.

One of Stewart’s neighbors, Jane Minton, was surprised to hear the allegations brought against him.

“That’s a surprise because they are good people,” Minton said. “They’re churchgoers and have been for the past 35 years that I’ve known them. So I’m just surprised about that. I would not expect that out of that family at all.”

Stewart was released from jail after his $7,000 bail was posted. He is due back in court on June 30.

Source: ABC 7, The News&Observer

Photo Credit: Raleigh-Wake City-County Bureau of Identification via ABC 7


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