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North Carolina Man Charged With Stabbing A 'Husky Pup' To Death With A Sword (Audio)

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Law enforcement officials released a recording of the 911 calls made by concerned individuals after a Cary, North Carolina, man allegedly stabbed his dog to death with a sword.

Police charged Douglas Joseph Hagler, 47, of animal cruelty after his neighbors reported he stabbed his Husky dog with a sword.

“Someone just killed a Husky in their backyard with a sword,” one caller told dispatch.

The dog, Koda, allegedly “died lashed to the tree where he was repeatedly stabbed,” city spokesperson Susan Moran said. “There was nothing we could do. The suspect claims the Husky pup was 13-months-old and had been his since October.”

In one call you can hear the dog yelping in the background, according to The News & Observer.

“I want to report an animal abuse,” one caller said. “I’ve got an animal screaming here. A dog, I believe.”

The caller went on to describe a bald man stabbing the dog with a sword.

“What are you doing to that dog?” the man asked. “Excuse me, what are you doing?”

“He just stabbed the Husky with a sword,” the man said to dispatch.

The caller then described the man fleeing behind a nearby cemetery.

"He kept saying 'that dog's a killer,'" said the caller.

He described the sword as about 30 to 36 inches with a studded white handle.

Hagler was arrested on Sunday but released after posting a $5,000 bond.

A recording of the 911 calls has been provided below.

Warning: Disturbing Content

Source: ABCThe News & Observer

Photo Credit: ABC


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