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Man Charged With Felony Child Abduction After Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap Children At Park

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A North Carolina man was reportedly beaten, arrested and charged with felony child abduction after he allegedly tried to lure children into his van at Ogden Park.

James Raymond Gallagher, a 55-year-old Ogden resident, reportedly got into a fight with a group of adults around 9 p.m. on Friday, prompting police to respond to the scene. Gallagher attempted to leave the park but was stopped by deputies on his way out.

After investigating, authorities reportedly determined that the fight was the result of Gallagher attempting to lure children into his van by offering them money. One of the victims said that the man approached him at the park and offered to pay him to get into his vehicle, but the child refused and instead ran to alert his grandmother. According to Lt. Jerry Brewer, other children were believed to have made contact with Gallagher in a similar manner.

Gallagher was arrested and subsequently charged with felony child abduction and DWI. He is in police custody, with bond set at $25,000.


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