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North Carolina Man Allegedly Spots Bigfoot, Tiny Dogs Scares It Away (Video)

A man vacationing near Hendersonville, North Carolina, caught what he believes to be Bigfoot on video (below) on Thursday morning. Fortunately for the man, his Yorkshire terrier appears to have scared the beast away, reports the Daily Mail.

Eric Walters told reporters that he and his tiny dog, Zippy, were walking outside of their cabin, which they shared with Walters’ wife and another couple, when he and Zippy saw the figure walking nearby.

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"Either there's a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke," said Walters.

He had been warned that there were bears in the area, so he had been making sure to keep the small terrier close to him; however, that falls through in the video.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” says the breathless man behind the camera, while a humanoid creature that Walters believes to be the Bigfoot walks nearby.

Suddenly, Zippy gets loose and sprints forward, barking.

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“No Zippy, no!” whispers the man, as Zippy avoids the figure but continues with his high-pitched bark.

It is unclear whether the creature notices the pair, as it continues to walk away from them.

Walters, however, believes that Zippy protected him.

“Zippy could tell I was scared and got so riled up that he got loose and went after it,” the lucky dog owner later said.

“It turns out the brave little guy chased the Sasquatch away and saved me from a possible encounter,” he added.

Walters is undoubtedly relieved that the tiny but fearless dog did not become Sasquatch food.

“I love him more than ever,” the proud owner said.

It is unclear whether or not Zippy was leashed prior to the encounter.

The video has an unexpected perk for Carolina Mornings, the company who rents the cabin. According to the Citizen-Times, Gay Weber, the company’s chief marketing officer, Carolina Mornings has been getting extra attention, since their sign is visible in the video.

“I'm flattered that even Bigfoot knows that Carolina Mornings is the best vacation rental company in Western North Carolina,” joked Weber, who added that his inbox is “blowing up.”


Sources: Daily Mail, Citizen-Times
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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