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Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend's Newly Adopted Dog

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A man from New Hanover County, North Carolina, has been arrested after what a veterinarian is calling the most severe case of animal cruelty he has ever seen.

On Dec. 1, 2017, the family of Christopher Simpson's girlfriend adopted a dog they named Axel.

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On Dec. 25, Simpson and his girlfriend went over to her parents' house to pay them a Christmas visit, according to WGHP.

In the midst of the visit, the family decided to go out to meet some other family members for the holiday. However, Simpson did not want to go, and hence the family let him stay behind to play video games instead of joining them.

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While the family was gone, the 21-year-old Simpson called his girlfriend to complain that Axel had urinated on the floor, New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Lt. Jerry Brewer told WWAY.

Simpson allegedly had told his girlfriend that he hit the dog on the rear, causing the dog to bite him.

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When the family returned to their home, Axel was nowhere to be found. The family called their daughter, who told them that Simpson had accidentally killed the dog with the hit.

Axel was then found lying dead behind the family’s shed.

A veterinarian who performed a necropsy stated that it was the worst case of animal cruelty that he had seen in the history of his practice. The examination found that the cause of Axel’s death was blunt force trauma and that he died from internal bleeding. According to the Miami Herald, the veterinarian said that the dog's liver looked like "ground hamburger."

Brewer expressed skepticism that Axel was capable of doing harm to Simpson: “If that puppy bit you with all its might, with everything it had,” Brewer said, “it might have scratched you a bit.” Brewer also said that the veterinarian who examined Axel's body believed the dog's extensive injuries were a result of repeated punches and kicks.

Simpson was arrested on Jan. 22 and charged with felony animal cruelty. He is currently free on a bond of $2,500.

According to WECT, Simpson had previously been charged for domestic violence and animal cruelty in July 2015, following incidents in which he allegedly injured a kitten and attacked a pregnant woman. Those charges were dropped after the woman refused to work with prosecutors.

Online reaction to the story heavily condemned Simpson.

"This is why we need to bring back corpral punishment," said one commenter on the Miami Herald's story. "A death for a death may not be right, that doesn't mean this 'person' shouldn't be made an example of. The sad thing is he'll probably claim some sort of mental problem and get away with it, a*shat."

"A veterinarian said Axel's liver was like ground hamburger. Only fitting punishment is to take his liver and give it to someone on the organ list. May as well take all his blood and the rest of his organs while you're at it. He is clearly wasting them," said another commenter.

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