School Pulls Yearbook Due To 'Build That Wall' Quote

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A North Carolina public high school confiscated its senior yearbooks after one student cited President Donald Trump's "build that wall" quote.

Richmond Early College High School decided to reprint the yearbooks after the female student's quote drew attention on social media, the Daily Mail reports.

"So Richmond county school system allowed this to be printed in their 2017 yearbook," wrote user Artney Ellerbe on his Facebook page. "I already knew this city was racist. Get a court date you'll find out. This doesn't surprise me at all."

Many lashed out, arguing it was racist and offensive to the school's minority students.

Richmond County Schools issued an apology in response.

"We regret that this incident has occurred and are currently working with the yearbook’s publisher to make corrections," Richmond County Schools wrote on its Facebook page. "As a district, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any of our students. In each situation, our goal is to provide for the well-being of all of our students and prevent recurrences of inappropriate conduct."

Some complained such a move by the school violated the First Amendment.

Richmond County School noted that the yearbook had other inappropriate quotes and errors that also necessitated a redo.

"Inappropriate?" wrote one person on the school board's Facebook post. "What you really mean is a student's political views disagreed with your agendas and they were subsequently censored."

"Wanting real borders like every other country on the face of the earth is not hate speech," added another.

"When did the first amendment become inappropriate?" agreed another.

"It's a cryin' shame that a white person can't even quote the President in their yearbook without being called racist," a fourth critic wrote.

Others welcomed the school board's apology but admonished them and others bashing the student for their response.

"This entire situation is ignorant," wrote Margie Taylor in response to Ellerbe's post and the angry comments that followed. "First off she's a teenager. We all do and say dumb stuff when we're young and dumb... 2. You cannot blame the child for the ignorance her family instilled in her. Racism is taught. 3. She was definitely trying to be funny "quoting" a president that is infamously known for his bigotry. 4. The ADULT overhead of the yearbook committee should definitely be held responsible for this. Not the principal. The yearbook is the least of her worries. And finally we're all grown a** adults bashing a child is not okay. Regardless of what she says does or feels. No grown person needs to stoop to a child's level."

Sources: Daily Mail, Richmond County Schools/Facebook, Artney Ellerbe/Facebook / Photo credit: Tomascastelazo/Wikimedia Commons

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