North Carolina Father Upset With School For Giving His Son An 'Alternative' Meal


A North Carolina parent is upset after his son was allegedly sent to the back of a lunch line and given an “alternative meal.”

Jason Torres of Salisbury, North Carolina, claims that his 8-year-old son was subjected to the embarrassing situation at Koontz Elementary School.

“He came home with this letter and was like ‘Dad they gave me different food and they made me go to the back of the line,’” Torres told Fox46. “He’s young so he was kind of confused about it.”

His son gave him a letter showing a negative balance of $8.06 on his school’s meal account.

Torres told reporters that he usually paid for his child’s meals through “PayForIT," an online payment system.

The school reportedly informed parents that they were going to get rid of the “PayForIt” system in April. As of May 1, parents would be unable to pay for meals on there. However, according to the school, the software intended to replace the old one would not be in effect until July.

Torres says that this left a gap before the end of the school year and that many parents are left confused as to how to pay for their children's meals.

According to the school’s nutritionist, 1,200 parents had utilized the “PayForIt” system before. The school hopes the same amount will use the new software, though they will have to wait until the summer to utilize it.

Source: FOX46, KTVU

Photo Credit: FOX, My South Lake News


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