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Father And Son Hunting Team Kill 700-Pound Charging Hog

While hunting together in the mountains of North Carolina, a father and son were able to bag a 707-pound hog with a single shot as it came charging towards them.

Reports say that Bruce Florence was hunting with his son Jonathan when the massive boar appeared from behind the brush.

“I was probably about 20 yards from getting through the laurel thicket when the big boy blasted out of there,” Jonathan told The North Carolina Sportsman. “When I ran him out, he headed straight for my dad.”

Bruce says he wasn’t exactly prepared when the hog came out of nowhere straight towards him, but in that moment, he was able to shoot the only round he had left and take the massive animal out with just that single shot.

“Out came this buffalo; that’s the only way I can describe him,” Bruce explained. “He was bee-lining right at me."

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“When he came out of there, the hair on his back was standing up like he had a Mohawk. And my hair is only 1/16th of an inch long, but it was standing straight up.”

The father and son team were able to use the insides for food and plan to stuff the hog and hang it in their cabin.

“We got some good bacon and sausage off this hog,” Bruce revealed. “We've already eaten the ribs. We got about 150 pounds of sausage, a lot of bacon, and we got one ham and the tenderloins out.”

Sources:Fox News, The North Carolina Sportsman / Photo Source: The North Carolina Sportsman, Pixabay


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