North Carolina Doctors Say Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby Will Be OK After Crash Cuts Car In Half

North Carolina doctors say a woman and her unborn baby are going to be just fine following a car accident that cut her car completely in half. 

The woman, who was not named, had only recently found out before the wreck that she was pregnant, WBTV News reports.

The wreck happened Wednesday around 1 p.m. in Lincoln County when the 20-year-old woman’s vehicle crossed the median of Highway 321 and was sideswiped by a Chevrolet Suburban.

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The impact cut the woman’s car in half. 

Emergency crews who arrived at the scene had to cut the woman from the wreck. It was while they were working to remove her that they discovered a positive pregnancy test lying on the ground. 

Once removed, the woman was rushed to a local hospital and doctors said that both she and the baby would be OK.

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She was released from the hospital with only minor injuries and was last reported to be resting at home, according to family members.

Emergency workers who spoke to WBTV said they were amazed that her injuries were not more severe. 

And the same might well be said for a Florida trio that recently experienced a similar incident.

On June 2 that three people all walked away from a wreck in Jacksonville when an Amtrak train hit the vehicle they were traveling in and ripped off the back of their car, WJXT News reported at the time.

Stacey Peterson, 21, was driving the vehicle when it was hit. After seeing the destroyed car, family members said that they couldn’t believe Peterson and her two passengers — 26-year-old Alexandria Mincey and 35-year-old Edward Peterson — survived the crash. 

According to family members, Mincey was six weeks pregnant at the time of the crash. She was reportedly thrown from the vehicle as it spun around from the impact. 

Jacksonville Fire Rescue workers said none of the injuries sustained in the wreck were life-threatening. 

Mincey was last reported to be in fair condition at a local hospital.

No one aboard the train was hurt. 

Sources: WBTV News, WJXT News

Photo Credit: Michael Shrum/WBTV News


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