Police Find Skeletal Remains In Backyard Of Man Who Bragged About Killing People

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Two North Carolina residents were arrested and charged with murder Sunday after police found the remains of two bodies in the couple’s backyard.

Police executed a search of Pazuzu Illah Algarad and Amber Nicole Burch’s home after obtaining a search warrant, though it’s unclear why Forsyth County authorities wanted to search the property to begin with. Police had searched the property with a warrant in the past, though they weren’t previously sure where to look without concrete evidence.

According to Bianca Heath, who lived with Algarad for one month in 2005, he often bragged about bones in the backyard. Although no one believed him, Algarad claimed he had picked up two prostitutes and killed them, then ate their remains and buried them in the backyard.

"I never once saw the skeleton bodies, I honestly thought he was lying, now I'm not sure what to believe," Heath said.

In an online message board that Algarad participated in, one anonymous poster also mentioned that the 35-year-old had bragged to family members about killing people and burying them in the yard.

Algarad is now also on probation after he was charged with accessory after the fact of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the shooting of Joseph Chandler in 2010.

The skeletal remains were taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for further examination.

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Sources: The Huffington Post, Fox News


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