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Community Comes Together To Get Hotel Room For Family With No Heat, Running Water

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A North Carolina single mother of three small children is getting the help she so desperately needs from the community around her.

After going days without heat or water, Annie Powell and her kids will be able to sleep in a warm hotel bed until next week.

This came as a response from a Good Samaritan who saw the news story aired by local station FOX8 focusing on Powell's plight in Thomasvill, North Carolina.

The room has been paid for and will allow Powell and her kids to stay in a hotel room with heat and running water.

"I don't know what to say, I'm so thankful," Powell told reporters.

Previously, Powell and her children had to sleep in a room filled with space heaters that did not provide adequate warmth. They also suffered a major set back when their water pipes froze due to the winter chill.

"I've been having to go back and forth from my mom's to get water," Powell told reporters in tears. "I have no way to wash my children's clothes. To take showers, to cook, to do anything."

Since airing the story, FOX8 had received a tremendous outpouring of support from the community. In fact, within hours of airing the story, the studio received almost 100 phone calls and dozens of emails offering help for the family in need.

"It was just a relief to know that me and the kids are going to be OK," Powell said. "We're going to be warm. We're going to have warm water for bottles, to bathe. We're not going to wake up with icicles on the ceiling."

Powell's landlord has told reporters that the pipes could not be fixed until the weather is warm again.

Source: FOX8 Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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