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Kyrsten Sinema, Nontheist and Openly Bisexual, Wins Democratic Nominee in Arizona

An open non-theist and bisexual, former Arizona State Senator Krysten Sinema won the Democratic primary in the state’s Congressional 9th district on Wednesday.

Prior to her victory, Sinema’s poll numbers stood at 42.5 percent, towering over her opponents David Schapira and Andrei Cherny.

Her victory will now pit her against Republican nominee Vernon Parker in a bid for Congress.

In her acceptance speech, which took place in The Arcadia Room in Phoenix, Sinema began with the campaign slogan "We can only change Washington, if we change the people we send there."

The upcoming election will take place in November.

Sinema was previously recognized on March 12, 2011 by theCenter for Inquiry for the Advancement of Science and Reason in Public Policy due to her support of policy using only scientific reasoning as well as respecting the divide between church and state.

The award followed Sinema’s history of work promoting women’s rights, LGBT rights and strong environmental policies. In 2006 Sinema  was chair of Arizona Together, a movement to prevent the banning of same-sex marriage in the state.

The former Senator also chaired Arizona’s Freedom in 2008, a movement to prevent the banning of equal opportunity programs.

It's interesting how people have reacted to her victory. Sinema's looks have become part of the conversation...

One person commented on a Patheos story: Sinema is HIGHLY educated and experienced for her age. That so many comments here completely overlook her qualifications, in favor of judging her according to her looks (positively or negatively--it doesn't matter) or "jokingly" suggesting others have done so to "explain" her winning, is incredibly belittling and proves at least some atheists haven't grown out of the pervasive sexism that religion has fostered for so long. Come on, people. You dropped the deities. Drop the sexist bullshit attitude with it.

While another countered:Why is it sexist to say that she's hot? I don't see people writing "she's only winning because she's hot" they seem to be saying "it probably helps that she's hot" and you know what? She IS hot, it IS hot that she's bi, and it IS probably helping.


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