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Man Says He Killed Roommate Over Smoking Habit

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A man who was fed up with his roommate's smoking habit has been charged with his gruesome murder.

Investigators encountered a bloody crime scene in December when they entered the Moscow residence of 37-year-old Eduard Assylov and discovered his body, with some of its extremities -- including the head and penis -- having been hacked off with a knife, according to Daily Mail.

Police initially suspected a crime of passion, focusing on the slain motor mechanic's past relationships and current rivals for a motive.

However, attention eventually zeroed in on the ex-roommate, who confessed that living with Assylov's smoking habit had finally pushed him over the edge.

The 45-year-old suspect, who had moved to Moscow from Siberia in search of work, admitted that the two had often argued about Assylov's smoking. On this occasion, he went "berserk" and attacked the victim with a knife after he lit up, according to the Daily Mail.

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Horrified neighbors discovered the victim lying in the communal corridor of a dormitory where he had been renting a room.

A police spokesman said Assylov had been stabbed more than 40 times before being dismembered, according to the Daily Mail. "He had been stabbed nine times in the stomach and five times in the groin," the spokesman said. The attacker also severed the the victim's ears and left middle finger.

The suspect has been charged with murder and faces life in prison if found guilty.

Internet users reacted with a mixture of shock and snark.

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One poster wrote, "I thought it was just me who hated smokers, but now I see I was wrong. Never thought I could feel pity for any of them."

Another commented, "What a terrible and stupid death!"

According to a report in The Moscow Times, Russia has the largest population of smokers in the world, among 14 countries that "bear the highest burden of tobacco use," according to the World Health Organization's Global Adult Tobacco Survey.

According to that report, 39 percent of the Russian population lights up on a regular basis. The same survey found that more than 60 percent of Russian men smoke, while 22 percent of women do.

In 2013, the Russian government announced a goal of bringing the share of smokers in the country to a level of 25 percent of the adult population by 2020.

That same year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed legislation banning smoking in public places and required graphic warning labels on cigarette packs.

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