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Nokia Developing Phone That Recharges Itself Using Radiowaves

Nokia is developing a new mobile phone that can recharge itself by harvesting energy from radiowaves that come from electronic devices surrounding it.

The prototype phone is able to remain in standby mode almost indefinitely without being plugged into an externasl energy source, according to MSN.

Researchers developed the device at the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge, according to The Guardian.

The Nokia prototype is not the first mainstream technology to use radiowaves as a power source. Cards used by commuters in London to get onto public transportation also use the technology, as do identification tags in antitheft machines.

Nokia researchers claim to be able to gather energy from waves carried over long distances, instead of just stemming from nearby. By collecting energy from additional waves far away, Nokia researchers say they can charge the phones more powerfully.

Nokia owners patented the idea of a self-charging phone in 2010.

Sources: MSN, The Guardian


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