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Nobody RSVP'd To This 10-Year-Old's Birthday Party, Then Something Amazing Happened

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A young girl in Minnesota is set to have an incredible birthday, thanks to one Facebook post and hundreds of new friends.

Mackenzie Moretter, a 10-year-old girl from Shakopee, Minnesota, initially sent out invitations for her birthday party to classmates and friends. When nobody RSVP’d to the party, Mackenzie’s mother, Jenny, took matters into her own hands.

“Hello moms. I'm writing because I have a beautiful daughter named Mackenzie who is turning 10. I recently invited several girls to her birthday party this Saturday. I got cancellations or no calls at all saying whether they're coming or not. My daughter has Sotos Syndrome which means she has development delays such as speech and learning. At school she struggles and is often alone on the playground. As a mother, it is heartbreaking being you want your children to be happy,” Moretter wrote on Facebook. “I'm reaching out to moms who have daughters between the age of 9-11 that would love to come to a birthday party tomorrow from 11-1:30. You don't have to bring gifts or stay long, just stop by and wish her a happy birthday.”

Moretter said it was especially important that Mackenzie get the party she deserved after all she’d been through in life. “Her skull wasn’t able to form completely, therefore it caused some brain damage,” she said. “I want so much for much for Mackenzie to belong and for her to have friends and people to accept her for who she is.”

To the Moretter family's surprise, the social media post began to spread and she received hundreds of inquiries from mothers.

“I honestly thought it would be a matter of a few other moms out there who I touched their heartstrings,” she said.

“We don’t know how many people are going to come, honestly,” Mackenzie’s father, Matt, added. “I started making cupcakes, and I got two boxes in, and I think I’m going to need to get some more.”

According to reports, the guest list has grown so much that the city of Shakopee offered for the Moretter family to use the Shakopee Memorial Park to host the party. Friends and locals have donated chairs and tents for the occasion, and some have even offered to cater.

“It’s going to make her day tomorrow one great birthday,” the grateful mother said. “I cannot thank everyone enough.”

Mackenzie told reporters that she’s excited to enjoy her birthday with hundreds of new friends.

“I think it is going to be great, exciting,” she said.

Sources: Fox 9, CBS Minnesota

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