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Homeowner Fatally Shoots Man Who Tried To Rob Him During Craigslist Sale

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After a Craigslist sale turned into an armed robbery, a homeowner in Littleton, Colorado, fatally shot one of the men who tried to rob him.

On Jan. 24, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call about a disturbance, followed by several 911 calls reporting gun shots in the same neighborhood.

“This started as a Craigslist ad this morning,” Jacki Kelley, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, explained to KMGH News.

Two men had come to the house regarding a Craigslist ad posted by the owner of the home. While pretending to look around at the various sale items, a gun was produced. They tied up the homeowner and stole the keys to his Ford vehicle. It is unclear if any additional items were taken.

While the men were attempting to get away, one in the homeowner’s SUV and another in a gold Mustang, the victim was able to escape.

“He came outside to confront the two males, and he did have a firearm,” Kelley continued.

The homeowner managed to fire numerous shots as the thieves attempted to flee.

“It sounded like a round of about five gun shots,” reported a neighbor to KUSA News. “Kind of sounded like high-pitched fireworks."

The suspect in the homeowner's SUV was shot several times, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a house. He was given medical attention at St. Anthony’s Central Hospital and died shortly after.

The second man is still at large. Deputies report that the suspect is a Hispanic male in his 40s, who may be driving a gold Mustang with potential damage and bullet holes. The vehicle is estimated to be eight to ten years old.

It is unclear whether the homeowner will ultimately face any charges for his role in the incident.

“It is much too early to guess the direction in which this case will go,” Kelley said.

Police advise using caution when selling and buying items on Craiglist, including not inviting strangers into your home, as reported on Alabama Media Group.

Sources: KMGH News, KUSA News, Alabama Media Group / Photo Credit: KMGH News

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